Companion services provide non-medical assistance and supervision to support a person’s goals, desires, and needs as identified in the person’s Individual Support Plan (ISP), and reflected in his or her Person-Centered Thinking and Discovery tools. Goals may be related to the person’s safety, promotion of independence, community integration, and/or retirement.

ENENE Believes in the philosophy that all people we support have inalienable rights and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and be assured the maximum opportunities for self-determination. It is our firm conviction that persons with intellectual disabilities should have the same opportunities as non-disabled members of the community:
We believe that the opportunity to live in the community, be included in community life and participate in a variety of community activities.  That all people have the opportunities to have choices, make decisions, and have control over all aspects of their lives.

We believe that the opportunity to experience the network of community and natural support. The opportunity to establish friendships and participate in activities with disabled and non-disabled people in the community are equitable to all.