Individualized Day Support (IDS)

We provide this service which is an alternative to facility-based day programs and normally occurs during regular Monday to Friday day program hours; except that individualized day supports may occur during non-traditional hours for persons who are employed during the day and would benefit from the service. Additional variances may be approved based upon the person’s assessed needs, schedule of other activities, and recommendations of the person’s support team

What kind of Supports are provided?

  1. Highly individualized, pre-planned activities and opportunities that occur within integrated and inclusive community settings and that emphasize the development of skills to support community participation and involvement, self-determination, community membership, community contribution, retirement or vocational exploration, and life skills training;
    Activities that maximize the person’s functional abilities for successful participation in integrated community activities and opportunities that match a person’s interests and goals;
  2. Activities that support the person’s informed choice in identifying his or her own areas of interest and preferences, including but not limited to community mapping, employment exploration and discovery where appropriate;
  3. Activities that provide community-based opportunities for personal and adult skill development through socialization, participation in membership-based community groups and associations, and forming and maintaining relationships with other community members;
  4. Training in the safe and effective use of one or more modes of accessible public transportation and/or coordination and provision of transportation by the individualized day supports provider to support participation in community activities consistent with the intent of this service