Personal Care

ENENE is outstanding in providing personal care services through our trained and experienced field staff who are supervised by Licensed Nurses. The field staff record and report to the supervisor any changes regarding the client’s condition, behavior or appearance; and documenting the services delivered in the client’s record. Our personnel are bonded and insured in providing the following services:

Assistance with the activities of daily living.

A need for assistance exists when the client is unable to complete an activity due to cognitive impairment, functional disability, physical health problems, or safety. The client’s functional level is based on the client’s need for assistance most or all of the time to perform the tasks of daily living in order to live independently.

Assistance with self-administered drugs.

Administration of normally self-administered drugs as allowed in 54.1-3408 of the Virginia Drug Control Act (Chapter 34 (54.1-3400 et seq.) of Title 54.1 of the Code of Virginia); Taking and recording vital signs, if specified in the plan of service.

Assistance with additional services.

Additional Services may also include instrumental activities of daily living related to the needs of the client.

Delivering personal care services.

Such services shall be delivered based on a written plan of services developed by a registered nurse, in collaboration with the client and client’s family. The plan shall include at least the following:

  1. Assessment of the client’s needs;
  2. Functional limitations of the client;
  3. Activities permitted;
  4. Special dietary needs;
  5. Specific personal care services to be performed; and
  6. Frequency of service.

The plan shall be retained in the client’s record. Copies of the plan shall be provided to the client receiving services and reviewed with the assigned home attendant prior to delivering services.

Supervision of services shall be provided as often as necessary as determined by the client’s needs, the assessment of the registered nurse, and the organization’s written policies not to exceed 90 days.

A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse shall be available during all hours that personal care services are being provided.

Home attendants providing personal care services shall receive at least 12 hours annually of in-service training and education. In-service training may be in conjunction with on-site supervision.